Trading Finance For Fur

Trading Finance For Fur

By Nicolas Chavez

Many will remember September 2008 as a tumultuous time in the world filled with uncertainty and fear as the global financial crisis unleashed its fury across the planet. However, in times of crisis, the human spirit unlocks an untapped potential to pivot, and that is precisely what co-owner of Throw Me A Bone, Mike Lavora did towards the end of the 2008 calendar year. I sat down with Mike to learn about how his all-inclusive pet company began and how it morphed into one of New York City residents’ premier choices.


With employment on Wall Street looking grim, Mike and his future co-owner and founder Adam Light made the difficult decision to step away from the epicenter of the worldwide economic engine. Once outside of the office, away from emails and other distractions, the two spent a considerable amount of quality time together, which sparked their decision to create their own business. Mike and his girlfriend, now wife, lived in the picturesque enclave of Gramercy Park with their dog, Theo. Confronted by an exceptionally long waiting list at a nearby doggie daycare led Mike to his a-ha moment – to channel his passion for pets into a business. After reaching a consensus with Adam, New York had a new pet service company located in the quaint Upper East Side of Manhattan called Throw Me A Bone.


Name – check. Business plan – check. Passion-check. What followed next was an essential first step in the evolution of Throw Me A Bone. Mike understood that dog walking would be vital to test out the business climate of his nascent pet service company. Simultaneously, Mike and Adam realized that they could not tend to the thousands of dogs that called New York City home; therefore, they needed to add staff members to their team. Putting exceptional service, a friendly personality, and passion at the top of the list when it came time to add staff members, Mike and Adam attracted individuals that represented their authentic enthusiasm and love for pets.


By recruiting a dynamic team that they could trust with every client, Mike and Adam built rapport within the community that eventually led to the opening in 2017 of a physical facility located in Midtown West that housed a pet spa, playroom, and dog run. Aside from this storefront, Throw Me A Bone operates grooming and dog daycare in seven buildings and offers à la carte services directly to your home so that you can experience the exceptional quality and care that is key to Mike and Adam’s success.


Throw Me A Bone’s friendly and professional services include dog walking, grooming, overnight care, training, and much more. To learn more or to schedule services, contact your ELITE Concierge at or by calling 347-506-2644.