Exclusive Heights: 5 Private Rooftops for NYC Residents Unveiling This Summer

Exclusive Heights: 5 Private Rooftops for NYC Residents Unveiling This Summer

Exclusive Heights: 5 Private Rooftops for NYC Residents Unveiling This Summer

This summer, NYC unveils five luxurious rooftops managed by Elite Amenity, each offering unique amenities and stunning views, including pools, BBQs, terraces, and exclusive lounges. While most are exclusive to residents, one rooftop offers access to non-residents, providing a rare opportunity to enjoy its luxury features.

One of the first things that come to mind when considering New York City is the breathtaking cityscape — and the place to spend this summer is drinking in the views from a luxury rooftop.

The Big Apple, renowned for its dynamic rooftop culture, will be enriched with the addition of five rooftop sanctuaries this season – each with its own unique vibe, its own invigorating pool and, most importantly, an unbroken view of the city that never sleeps.
These luxurious spots are exclusive for their residents, save for one exciting Manhattan space that invited outside members to indulge in its dynamic culture.

“These rooftops are more than just places to enjoy a view,” Elite co-founder Michael Zuchelli says. “They are carefully curated environments that reflect the lifestyle of their residents.”

“And every resident will have the city at their feet,” partner Andrew Meditz adds.


Astoria West: A Taste of the High Life


There are few neighborhoods that have as stunning a view of the New York City skyline as Astoria, and Astoria West holds a front row seat to the scenery. 
Astoria West, the latest addition to the vibrant Queens community, embodies the chic demeanor of the Big Apple, but without forsaking the relaxed neighborhood atmosphere that the outer boroughs uniquely claim. Nothing speaks to Astoria West’s perfectly cultivated aura as its rooftop, which residents simply describe as a “sanctuary.”
“The pool at Astoria West provides a sanctuary of outdoor space for our residents where they can relax and take in the spectacular views of the East River and Manhattan skyline,” said David Kronman, Astoria West’s Managing Partner. “We designed the pool and roof deck with cabanas and series of outdoor living and dining zones that promote residents getting together and building community at Astoria West.”
As if the view wasn’t enough, Astoria West adorned the rooftop with brand new BBQs, private dining spaces, and lofty cabanas. There’s even patches of grass for guests to sink their toes into as they take in the sun’s rays. 
The rooftop is a destination for guests in the summer, and a place many choose to spend most of the days, Kronman said, emphasizing that the goal is to deliver a first-class experience. 
“I believe the rooftop pool is a big reason why people choose to live at Astoria West. In the summer and especially on the weekends the pool is where a lot of residents choose to spend their days, cook their meals and escape,” he said. 
“Who can argue against a large rooftop pool with breathtaking views of the water and the skyline?”


The Ruby: Chelsea’s Gem


Located in the heart of Chelsea, The Ruby is a creative haven that mirrors the vibrancy of Manhattan’s infamous Art District. Residents are surrounded with an ever-changing array of art installations of various styles and flair, especially on the rooftop.
It’s location on the 23rd floor also offers the perfect panoramic views of the Hudson River and the surrounding city skyscraper, evoking the sensation that one is floating above the busy city below.
If the sparkling skyline wasn’t at eye level, it would be all too easy to forget that you’re soaking up rays on a far away vacation, rather than just blocks from the Empire State Building.
The rooftop’s ambiance itself makes such a transportation even more feasible: While the pool itself is an oasis from the unforgiving heat of a summer’s day, the deck itself is a respite from the hustle and bustle of the hectic New York City life on the street. Residents are surrounded with greenery and flora – a testament to The Ruby’s goal of serving as a “nature-infused” community. 
“The Ruby redefines harmonious living with a commitment and focus on health and well-being at every level,” the community boasts.

The Axel: Brooklyn’s Urban Retreat


Who needs the beach when The Axel is here? At the top of the towering luxury building – planted at the intersection of Brooklyn’s legendary Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights and Fort Greene neighborhoods – sits a saltwater pool that creeps along The Axel’s 30-story ledge.
The serene watering spot, however, is not the only rooftop space that residents can enjoy. The Axel is also home to multiple outdoor terraces that overflow with plants and manicured laws, accessible through the game lounge, coworking spaces, and community dining room.
The most impressive feature, however, is the greenspace trail that weaves throughout the terraces and around The Axel. Lovingly dubbed the “Skypark,” the walking path in the clouds is emblematic of the sense of community among urban dwellers that The Axel fosters.
The multiple gallery spots not only offer jaw-dropping views of the area’s jaw-dropping skyscrapers spouting between the elegant tree-lines community, but an unobstructed view across the two miles between The Axel and the Big Apple. The Manhattan Bridge is as clear from the top of The Axel as the neighborhood football field below.

AYRE Rooftop: Elegance Above All


Atop the Copper Building in Murray Hill, the Ayre offers the rare opportunity for non-residents to indulge in the luxury pool and experience the panoramic views from 470 feet in the sky. With towel service and private lounging chairs, the Ayre encourages every guest to live like a king.
The rooftop pool itself has a unique design etched onto the floor – a subtle X-shaped painting that can be seen from space. It’s vantage point dips over the East River, offering a close up view of the cruise ships and boats that travels around Manhattan, and an almost perfect sight line to the iconic Pepsi-Cola sign wedged across the waterway in along Island City. 
The Ayre is also equipped with a member’s exclusive lounge, grills and lounging spaces. The wood-crafted benches with planters along the brims that weave throughout the deck are reminiscent of the High Line, but offer privacy from other bathers looking for some alone time in the slice of paradise.


Olympia: DUMBO’s Crown Jewel


Nestled in Brooklyn’s iconic DUMBO neighborhood, the rooftop at the Olympia offers one of the most unique views in the borough: an eye-level view of the historic Manhattan Bridge. Guests can float in the 58’ long pool and watch the train cars fly by, a one-of-a-kind scene that never gets old, especially at night under the cover of the city lights.
The rooftop itself was inspired by the elegance of the Grecian-style, resulting in an idyllic and comforting atmosphere in juxtaposition to the bustling city life below. The private piece of paradise also includes an adjacent hot tub, enfolded within the park-like deck that is covered with grass, trees and flora.
“There’s only so many places that offer a slice of the sky and grass to sink your toes into,” Zuchelli said. 
The space not only offers a respite for adults, but for their children as well, in the form of an impressive pirate ship playground. The nautical-themed splash park is the perfect place to cool off, climb, and let their imaginations run wild. And with cabanas to hide from the blistering sun, a kitchen and private dining areas on the deck, it’s easy to understand how quickly an afternoon on the rooftop flies by.