Jetting Off in 22’

Jetting Off in 22’

Jetting Off in 22’

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Lifestyle

International jet setting in the New Year is not impossible, but some light homework is required. Let us provide you with some invaluable tips to speed up your planning!


Pre-Booking Research

If you haven’t traveled outside the United States since 2019, things are a bit different in terms of planning and airport experience. Before even thinking about airplanes and airport lounges, you should check the COVID status of your preferred destinations (i.e.) some nations have completely closed their borders to any visitors. The best way to figure this out is by heading to that country’s Department of Health website, where you will find their specific rules and regulations.

Once you have selected a country of choice that is permitting international tourists, more often than not, you may need a type of COVID certificate to gain access into the country or its social places. This certificate can be attained by filling out an online form through that nation’s government. Now you can start to build your itinerary. However, be sure to check if the spots that you are interested in are open – look at their websites or, better yet – their social media as they will update those platforms regularly.



Aside from attaining covid certificates for entry to the countries you will visit, check the specific airlines’ covid requirements. Airlines may have detailed requirements that are needed to board a flight (i.e., filling out a form via an app, presenting a rapid test/PCR result, etc.). Do not assume that nation COVID requirements are the same for airlines. Besides the regular airplane accessories of noise-canceling headphones, neck pillow, and the finest selection of flight snacks from Hudson News, you will need to have a proper mask — to be in compliance, purchase an N-95 mask that is the gold standard on board. In addition, it would be wise to carry two extra masks with you as backups as well as personal hand sanitizer and mints to keep your mask smelling fresh!


Plan B

Remember that final box before purchase that offered flight or hotel insurance for $10-$20 that you always declined? Now more than ever, it would be intelligent to pay that relatively small sum in case restrictions increase or a country closes its border. You will sleep better in lead up to your planned trip with that insurance acquired. With that in mind, be mentally prepared to alter your trip in some capacity. Flights may be significantly delayed or outright canceled, so you might have to change destinations at a whim’s notice by taking a train to a new place.

Alas, that is the spirit of travel – to welcome the unexpected and to adopt an explorer’s spirit. Therefore, set aside a trip contingency fund that you may tap into in the middle of your travels.