Improving Your Home,

One Corner At A Time

Improving Your Home, One Corner At A Time

Improving Your Home, One Corner At A Time

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Home

By: Nicolas Chavez, ELITE Amenity Management

With countless hours spent in our respective homes and apartments over the past 12 months, we’ve suddenly realized that we own a LOT of things! Perhaps, pre-COVID you just haven’t had the time to fully take stock of all that “stuff ” but with the living room now part of your Zoom background, it may be the perfect time to tidy up. Fortunately, ELITE is thrilled to assist by introducing Leah Guecia – a professional organizing virtuoso and American Copper Buildings resident! Below are a few strategies straight from Leah’s private collection that will make Spring Cleaning 2021 your best one yet.


The “One-A-Week” Method
Implementing this simple three-word strategy into your routine will pay dividends in the long run. By focusing on one area of your home that is as expansive as the living room or as compact as your sock drawer to tidy up, One-A-Week will surely be circled on your weekly calendar by April! With this mindset of progressively editing and decluttering, your home will become be a space that you will love coming back to every day.


Mindful Travel Packing

As vaccinations ramp up in the United States, so do your Google flight searches! With your next trip in mind, Leah expertly recommends being mindful
of what to pack. Packing to your itinerary is vital – plan what you are going to do each day first, before cramming another pair of stone-washed denim into your already over-weight luggage. The contents of a suitcase for champagne-colored sand and tiki cock- tails will be vastly different than a trek to Grandma’s 75th birthday party in New Haven, Connecticut.

Take it a step further, lay out the outfits by the day before neatly tucking them into your luggage.


Closet Influence

It’s remarkable to think how simple spaces in your home make such an impact in your daily life. One such area is the closet. When it comes to this space, Leah emphasizes efficiency with a pleasing aesthetic that will energize your vibe whether it’s heading out for work or departing for an evening on the Upper West Side. Closets are a space that Leah holds dear as they are a perfect example of an area that always seems cluttered “I want to normalize being organized – during our youth there is a nega- tive sentiment when it comes to cleaning – it’s either set as a punishment or exchanged for allowance by parents.” Rather, Leah expertly focuses on illuminating the positive feelings that emanate upon completion of a task. Soon you will be searching for your next project.

From meticulously lining up her teddy bears by height to now organiz- ing the spaces of high-profile influencers such as Jen Selter and Paola Alberdi, Leah Guecia is a Professional Organizer offering her expert organization services to ELITE members.


To find out more about Leah or to inquire about her services you can book her for a free consultation through our Elite Amenity App.. The Elite Amenity App is available for download on Google play and the App store.