Bringing the Farm to the City

Bringing the Farm to the City

Bringing the Farm to the City

ELITE Preferred Vendor Spotlight | Green Food Solutions
By Nicolas Chavez

When business owner Mary Wetherill met sustainable systems expert Electra Jarvis, it represented the first symbiotic seed of Green Food Solutions–a company that sells, installs, and maintains urban farms and gardens using vertical hydroponic technology. Founded in 2015 and opened in 2017, Green Food Solutions is an enterprise emblematic of the future as companies and governments globally seek to become more sustainable in their economies and homes.

Over the past 20 years, New York City has experienced a boom of amenity developments in residential complexes where the ethos is summed up with one phrase – the sky is the limit. Bowling alleys, wine cellars, and virtual golf simulators have come to represent the standard at the architect’s table. What’s next? How about a farm? Global architecture firm ODA New York sought out Green Food Solutions to create and service an urban farm at The Denizen, in vibrant Bushwick, Brooklyn, making it the first residential building in NYC to offer this amenity.

On the rooftop of this amenity-rich residential complex, Mary and Electra tend to the advanced vertical hydroponic farm by growing over 50 varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits. They deliver the produce directly to Denizen residents proving that you can grow your food right at your home to live a sustainably green life in the middle of a metropolis.

The mission for Mary and Electra is to empower a new local food system for our health and the planet’s health. They both realize that space is limited in urban centers and understand why that might deter people from growing anything, let alone squash in their apartment. However, through their inviting educational and training program, they illuminate the ease of farming and the positive benefits that come with it.

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