Michael Zuchelli

Co-Owner/Vice President

Michael Zuchelli is the Co-Owner and Vice President at ELITE Amenity Management.

Zuchelli and Co-Owner Andrew Meditz oversee all aspects of ELITE’s business, including management, strategic planning, technology, and client relations. With years of experience working in nearly every area of amenity management, Zuchelli focuses on ELITE’s day-to-day operations. Possessing a team-oriented mentality, Zuchelli works closely with ELITE’s executive management staff to ensure that clients receive unparalleled customer service and that best practices are implemented.

Zuchelli also directs the company’s communications strategies and digital concierge services. His dedication, passion, and relentless work ethic are key reasons for ELITE’s exponential growth in the amenity management industry.

Born and raised in Bayside Queens, New York, Zuchelli received a bachelor’s degree in Business from Baruch College. He lends support to New York-based charities including St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital and the NYC Allen’s Women’s Shelter, along with national organizations such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the US Marine’s Toys for Tots.