Making A Statement With Windows

Making A Statement With Windows

Making A Statement With Windows

A Q& A with one of Manhattan’s Best Blinds Companies

We’ve all done it at least once in our lives and we realize that the process is lengthy and at times daunting but moving can be made simpler, especially if the ELITE Lifestyle team is involved. We recently sat down with Frank Demattia, owner of Budget Blinds of Manhattan, for expert advice on how to protect and enjoy those one-of-a-kind NYC window views.

Frank, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. We all love our NYC views, but what are the benefits to adding window treatments in our homes?
I would say treating your windows with some form of treatment serves two purposes – design and protection. You can really make a statement with a good set of blinds, drapes, and curtains. What you choose or what we consult can define the space and create a nice ambiance or vibe for you and your guests. Also, a lot of folks don’t realize just how much UV light comes through the windows – especially in Manhattan with all that reflective glass. Not only can that light be blinding, but it can also destroy artwork and other fragile materials in your home if you don’t have anything over your windows.

How can people protect things inside their home but keep the clean look of windows?
In Manhattan properties, especially the newer buildings you see these large windows which are very nice and it’s a lot of area to cover, sometimes as much as 12 feet wide. Chances are the big windows are a reason why you moved into the building, so we recommend to our clients installing a roller shade which rolls up into itself neatly, and really provides great shade. It’s a very popular option right now.

Can roller shades be automated? Is automation a growing trend in the industry?
Absolutely. That is the future, and it’s growing. Automation is being applied to your home and windows are definitely a part of that equation. I would say that over the past 5-6 years, automation has taken off thanks to decreasing price of motorization. Not only that – but you’re also able to sync your automated window treatments to your devices. Whether it’s a phone or an in-home device like an Alexa or Google Home, you can create your routine with the help of shading your windows at certain parts of the day.

What benefits do our ELITE members receive when working with Budget Blinds of Manhattan?
We take a lot of pride in our work, and we offer a standard 5 years of warranty. If anything happens to your window treatments in that time, we will replace the materials one time, no questions asked. That is my promise.

ELITE Members receive 25% off their order from now until December 31, 2021. Please contact Frank Demattia for details and to schedule your appointment.

Frank Demattia
Budget Blinds of Manhattan