Convenience Meets Compliance:
How Mobile Apps Are Key For Amenities Post-Covid

Convenience Meets Compliance:
How Mobile Apps Are Key For Amenities Post-Covid

by | Oct 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

Gyms and pools are cautiously re-opening, and that’s good news. But before we get to that, take a minute to think back before COVID-19 hit. What were you excited about?

In the amenity industry, we were excited about lots of things, including apps. Residents could download our ELITE app, custom-built for their building or community, and use it to book personal training, swimming lessons, dog walkers, a massage, or a cabana by the rooftop pool.

For busy city people, it was about convenience. About finding that perfect 45-minute window somewhere in a busy day to squeeze in a workout or making the commitment to unwind at the end of a packed week. About booking the services, or scheduling the little luxuries, that make life go just a little more smoothly.

Now, in the midst of COVID, our app is more relevant than ever. Why? Gyms and pools now operate under necessary regulations post-COVID, and those regulations can feel overwhelming. Occupancy restrictions, face coverings, frequent sterilization, temperature checks, COVID questionnaires – it’s a lot.

At ELITE, our app is part of how we make compliance simple. Digital concierge technologies have expanded to include reservation systems for recreational amenities per COVID guidelines. Your occupancy problem is solved because it’s tracked in the app. COVID questionnaires and waivers are completed through the app when residents book their time slot. Trained COVID attendants take incoming patrons’ temperature, oversee cleaning between reservations, and make sure patrons follow protective procedures like face coverings and social distancing.

That’s how you recognize a really good innovation: it stays relevant and exciting, even when everything changes. Change is the only constant in life. And one thing we can be sure of is that, sometime soon, everything will change again. We’re all eager for the time when COVID goes away, but reservations systems versus fighting for space at a rooftop pool? That might be here to stay.

We’re committed to helping residents stay well and safe during COVID, and we can help make COVID regulation compliance easy. Make booking a spot in the gym or pools simple with ELITE, now and in the future, whatever that future holds.