3 Spots for Quality 

Outdoor Dining

3 Spots for Quality Outdoor Dining

3 Spots for Quality Outdoor Dining

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Uncategorized

By: Nicolas Chavez, ELITE Amenity Management

It’s nearly March and winter weather still lingers in the air. As you put on your Fjallraven parka you realize that the festive holidays are officially in the rearview mirror with Valentine’s Day Pandemic Edition having come and gone. You have two options now – order takeout until warmer weather or channel your inner Nordic and dine al Fuori in chilly weather. Outdoor dining can be done exceptionally well and here at ELITE, we encourage you to don a warm scarf and have a great dinner with your pod safely outside. Below are three outstanding dining establishments from 3 different boroughs. Please enjoy.

We start in the center of it all – Manhattan. Head to SoHo where for most of the pandemic the scene is reduced to a quiet whisper. However, not all of SoHo has been muted — one just has to take a closer look. Among the cobbled streets and cast-iron facades of the neighborhood, you will find an incredible Italian restaurant, La Pecora Bianca. Located on the inviting corner of Prince Street, La Pecora has done a remarkable job building an upscale and airy private booth corridor and an open seated area with the warmest heat lamps money can buy. The staff gladly follows all precautions to give you and your group a safe dining experience while you sip on a classic Aperol spritz and enjoy their Instagrammable burrata on toast that by itself will have you coming back the next day.



Tucked in the heart of forever-trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn is Ten Hope. Hop on the L train on a Sunday and invite your die-hard brunch aficionados for a real treat. Featuring an outdoor patio with over 15 heat lamps, Ten Hope created an outdoor Garden of Eden oasis to host your 5-star brunch experience. You’ll be thanking the nip in the air once your waiter brings you any sumptuous hot cocktail from their weekend menu. Boasting their Mediterranean emphasis in a New American style, the freshness of each ingredient on the plate will shine through to complement cozy conversation, perhaps under a fleece blanket that they offer for purchase – ELITE approves of this Scandi tradition!



Some of the most creative and delicious restaurants are not just limited to posh Manhattan or hip Brooklyn, but also to Queens, especially Astoria. One particular street is under-the-radar 30th Avenue which might be NYC’s best-kept secret. A foodie Champs-Élysées for its long boulevardesque feel – this sprawling avenue is home to sublimely authentic dining spots that will inspire your jet-setting appetite. No flights? No problem. Let ELITE take you to Mexico by suggesting La Tiendita Taqueria which is nestled in the center of 30th Avenue. Once you step inside you are transported to the home of the margarita. After your temperature is taken by friendly mask-wearing staff, you are joyfully whisked to their outdoor patio which instantly elevates your mood. Suddenly, you are immersed in a warm and festive environment with well-lit heat lamps that keep you and your group toasty while you savor the incredible selection of artisanal margaritas and other specialty mixed drinks. Spaced-out tables that allow for safe social distancing coupled with a homey and Latinx environment will surely have you planning your next trip to Mexico by the end of the night.